Another year, a stronger La Colonia community!

In an awesome collaboration with the people of La Colonia, Roatan, Construction Volunteers (YOU!) helped bring greater stability to our global neighbors. If you followed us on Facebook, you watched progress on two necessary construction projects. Though not “glamorous”, like last year’s school building, the two projects are just as crucial to the education and quality of life for the people of La Colonia.

Next to the year-old school building, a separate set of 2 bathrooms was built. Now, classes can proceed way beyond the 2-hour period that was previously possible without bathroom facilities on-site. You’ll see by the photo that a covered ‘patio’ was also built outside the structure to keep the kids dry while they wait to use the facilities. It rains a lot on Roatan!

Down the hill and up another is the site of the second project. Cutting between many homes lies a very busy foot pathway for the very young all the way to the very old. It runs lengthwise up a hill, and as a dirt path, it becomes a muddy, rutted torrent during and after the rains. Did we mention it rains a lot on Roatan?

A water tunnel was desperately needed. Working day and night, the people of La Colonia dug a 3-foot deep, 4-foot wide trench that traveled 200 feet up this hill. Then, concrete blocks were secured along the sides, with sand and gravel mixed to pour a concrete floor. Finally, lots more sand and gravel were mixed and poured in temporary wood frames to create a ‘roof’ and a solid, dry concrete sidewalk above. Quality of life has improved greatly upon completion.