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It is never too early to start doing “good” for the betterment of our world and the lives of those who are less fortunate than we are. We were all moved at the event when Jasper, who’s 6 and 10/12th years old (and yes, that is what he’ll tell you if you ask him his age), made an $0.80 donation.

[highlight] This year’s event was attended by more than 90, of which 25% were new attendees. [/highlight] The Silent Auction featured more than 80 items. The 50+ bottles of wine for the Wall of Wine sold out within the first 45 minutes of the event.

Fundraising, prior to the event and at the fundraiser have resulted in more than $23,000 to date to be used for the 2019 projects to purchase materials and hire locals to work side-by-side with the volunteers.

Fundraising doesn’t end with the event. Please consider supporting the 2019 projects by donating via our website.

[message type=”notice”]Also consider Corporate Matching of your donation. More than 100 local corporations who match employee donations have been identified and there are many more. The list of known corporations can be found on our website.[/message]