Today (January 9, 2015) we met with the Mayor of Roatan, Dorn Ebanks. As you know, we are almost done building 100 steps in La Colonia. The Mayor agreed to match the materials cost to build an additional 100 steps. Also, the owners of the Roatan Hotel Dive Resort Splash Inn, Kathy Berner and Paulo Shikanai agreed to buy materials for an additional 100 steps. So that means Construction Volunteers is building 300 steps in La Colonia this year in addition to retaining walls, drainage ditches, and foot bridges. The total cost of the materials contributed by the local municipality and the owners of Splash Inn is over $6000.00. The materials they donated began arriving at our building sites in La Colonia today.

I’ll post some photos of the new areas where we’ll be building the additional steps.