Enjoy photos from the Third Annual Fundraiser in the slideshow above. Click on the image above to begin advancing the slideshow. The event was high energy, informative, engaging, inspirational, and very moving. The event is key to the fundraising efforts, but not the culmination. Financial donations, which are tax deductible, are still needed. Volunteers to travel to Roatan are also needed.

    Over 90% of the funds raised go towards purchasing materials and hiring locals to work side-by-side with the volunteers. Past projects include building foot bridges, concrete stairs up the steep hillside, and a school/community center…all to improve the quality of life for the community.

    With the money raised this year potential projects, driven by the desires of the residents, include:

    • Playground and soccer field behind the school to provide a safe area for the kids to play;
    • Septic system and bathroom for the school;
    • Electricity for the school;
    • Additional classroom space in the lower level.